fees at islamic primary school in london

Al-Falah Primary School, operates solely on student fees and charitable contributions. At present, the fees are £2400 per annum. For new starters, in addition to the school fees we require a registration fee of £200 each at the time of accepting a place at the school which is non refundable. For families with more than one child, a discount is given to each aditional child to lessen the finacial burden. The cost of each additional child is £2200 with the first child being the standard £2400.

• Fees for school trips and other activities may be chargeable to which parents will be notified in advance.

• Payment can be made in cash, cheque or direct debit.

• A charge of £20 will be added for late payments.

Fees are an obligation on all parents. When you accept a place at Al-Falah Primary School, you are agreeing to meet your financial obligations to the school.

Fees must be paid by the 3rd school day of the month. If for some reason you are unable to meet this deadline you must contact the school.

If any parent runs into fees arrears the school reserves the right to remove their child/children from the register and re-allocate the place to other children.